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COMING may 2019


Adapted from Mark Twain's novel, this play recounts the story of Tom, Huck, Becky, Sid, Aunt Polly and others in mythical St. Petersburg, Missouri on the Mississippi River. Follow Tom's adventures as he learns important life lessons.


May 4,5, 10, and 11

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Principal Teen Roles:

Tom Sawyer - Mid-teens. A playful scamp. A natural leader among the boys. Clever and bright, but somewhat lazy.

Huckleberry Finn- Mid-teens (perhaps a year or so older than Tom). A popular outsider. A rebel without thinking about it.

Joe Harper

Becky Thatcher- Mid-teens. A pretty girl who is new to the town.

Sid- Early to mid-teens. A bit of a dweeb. A tattle-tale. Smug.

Principal Adult Roles:

Aunt Polly- Late 30s+. Tom's aunt. She is stern, but caring.

Muff Potter- 30s+. The town drunk.

Injun Joe- Late 20s +. A villain.

Mark Twain- Middle-aged. Perhaps the most important author in American literature.

Supporting Roles:

Doc Robinson- 40s+. The town doctor. Friendly

Mr. Dobbins

Early to mid-teens.

Reverend Forbes

Judge Thatcher-
30s+. A somewhat stern (but understanding) father

Mrs. Harper



Other Child, Teen, and Adult Inhabitants of St. Petersburg, Missouri

Amy Lawrence
Ben Rogers
Susan Harper
Gracie Miller
Will Hanley
Jack Taylor
Sheriff Thompkins
Mother Hopkins
Riverboat Captain
Riverboat Crewman