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May 4-5, May 11-12       8pm

directed by Ted Eaton

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Needham Community Theatre presents Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama, Our Town, first produced and published in 1938. The play is set in the small fictional village of Grover’s Corners, NH. Our Town has become an American classic and is Thornton Wilder's most renowned and most frequently performed play. Wilder was dissatisfied with the traditional theatre of his time and his response was to use a metatheatrical style of playwriting. His minimalist scenery and other innovative theatrical devices are his way of stretching the story telling experience as far as the audience’s imagination can take it.

This provides the opportunity for Needham resident Ted Eaton, to be creative and literally think outside of the box in his directorial debut with NCT. Our Town's narrator, the Stage Manager, played by Needham resident Nicki Ramshaw, is completely aware of her relationship with the audience, leaving her free to break the fourth wall and address them directly. Come and be a part of this groundbreaking play. It is as compelling now as it was in 1938. Many other Needham residents are involved on and off stage including:  Isabel Dirks, Jackson Bailey, Dan Henderson, Issy Zoppo, Naomi Fleegler, Tessa Jones, Karen Friend and Chris Tess.


Performances located at:

Presbyterian Church of Needham

1458 Great Plain Ave.

Needham, MA

Parking is at the Newman Elementary School located behind the church.

NCT is proud to introduce our cast:


Nicki Ramshaw - Stage Manager

Dan Henderson - Dr. Gibbs

Issy Zoppo  - Mrs. Gibbs

Jackson Bailey - George Gibbs

Naomi Fleegler - Rebecca Gibbs

Joel Hersh - Mr. Webb

Jenna Brady - Mrs. Webb

Tessa Jones - Wally Webb

Isabel Dirks - Emily Webb

Elizabeth Reichman - Joe Crowell

Eva Taub - Si Crowell

Phil Paquet - Howie Newsome

Hannah Brown - Simon Stimson

Nicole Twomey - Mrs. Soames

Bruce Kantor - Constable Warren

Daniel Samnaliev - Baseball Player

Neel Samnaliev - Baseball Player

Elias Diamond - Sam Craig

Maeve McCluskey - Joe Stoddard

De Springer - Professor Willard



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